Apii Jack

Apii Jack MRCSA (General Manager)
I've always loved meeting people, knowing who they are, where they're from etc, so my career step into recruitment was a natural progression for me. Of course some people would call it "nosey" but I'm seriously interested in who you are when I meet you!
Fast forward 20yrs and nothing has changed, which is why I still love my job because it's all about connecting quality candidates with quality employers and effecting positive change to a business and an individual's life. Recruiting isn't a job, it's a privilege.

Apii has over 10 years in the Recruitment industry and has worked across Key account Management, Business development and Staff management. Her style is consultative and one of real interest in the business that she works alongside while supplying quality and engaged staff. 
Having managed teams of anywhere between 3 to 60 staff in her past work history, in different roles and industries, she always managed to get the best out of the staff by sticking to the following:
  • Treat and talk to them how I expect to be spoken to and treated - with courtesy and politely, NOT at them or down to them.
  • Empower them to be their best selves - provide them with all the tools to be successful in their roles.
  • Foster an environment where ideas are welcome, even if they may not work, but at least listen to them and tell them why it wont work or praise them if it's a great idea! The next best thing for your business might just be sitting in the heads of one of your staff right at this moment!
  • Remember they are human beings with families and lives outside of work - so when "life" turns up in the shape of family emergencies or illness etc, empathise with them and support them. MOST employees feel bad about asking for unexpected time off, especially when their employers treat them well.
  • ALWAYS have a firm, fair and supportive approach.
  • Value them! If an employee feels valued and an employer shows they are valued, note this can be expressed in many ways and not necessarily through monetary means, your business will succeed!
Strong philosophies that matches the vision and values of ERG Recruitment. 

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