The StaffSure Standard and certification program was developed in 2018 by the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand, RCSA, in consultation with industries that use Workforce Service Providers (recruitment agencies), governments that regulate them, unions that employ workers within them and certification experts. RCSA, as the peak body, knew that the problem of poor business practice was wider than traditional ‘labour hire’ and that a scheme was needed to validate all forms of workforce services. Staff Sure makes it simple for candidates and business to find reputable recruitment agencies to partner with who meet strict criteria around business integrity and process.

Independent auditing conducted by SGS, looks at six key business integrity elements:
  • That the business is owned and run by Fit & Proper Persons 
  • The business ensures all workers receive appropriate and legal employment entitlements
  • The business is Financially secure and can operate sustainably
  • A Safe Work environment is provided for all workers
  • All Immigration and visa laws are complied with
  • Any accommodation supplied by employers or clients is suitable and the rent is fair
What does Staff Sure mean to you?
ERG recruitment is committed to maintaining the core values of their business; Engage, Retail, Grow.
Every candidate seeking work can be confident that we have the systems and processes to ensure they will be treated with respect, employed legally and paid properly.
Every Business that we partner with can be confident that our proven business integrity will add value and protection to their business thus maximising human potential and creating long term business success.   
ERG is proud to be among the first to adopt this certification in New Zealand in 2018
When business and government engage StaffSure Certified providers they reward business integrity and firms with a proven commitment to the protection of Australian and New Zealand workers and professionals.

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