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We feel its important that these talented people are given an opportunity to be brought to the attention of Clients whom may benefit from their transferable skills and enthusiasm.
#16435 Sales Manager
Degree qualified with 10 years working experience, this Sales and Marketing Management candidate is on the job market and looking for the next big opportunity. This candidate has relevant experience managing teams in call centre and banking and believes in the importance of leading from the front when managing their team. This candidate is career oriented and wants to make a real impact through their work
Call Vijay on 021 711 2135 or email: vijay.laud@ergnz.co.nz

#17544 Call centre, Banking
A mature candidate with strong financial experience developed through their career across lending, finance, and banking. Highly committed to their work, as demonstrated by long tenure in their previous roles, this hardworking candidate is prepared to go above and beyond to ensure success. Comfortable across the functions of lending, admin, payroll, AC/AR, and more, this office superstar will make a great addition to your team.
Call Vijay on 021 711 2135 or email: vijay.laud@ergnz.co.nz
#17561 Operations Manager / Logistics Manager
Managed a medium size 3PL firm, this professional candidate is proficient in all aspects of logistics including budgets and financials.  Strong understanding of the industry with leadership style to be firm but fair, has managed over 50 staff at times. Proven experience gained in operations including managing KPIs on two very large brands.  Presents with outstanding communication.  Presented a logical, clear, and concise manner.  Well versed in planning, prioritising, and managing high level tasks efficiently and effectively.  SAP and Microsoft systems experienced.
Call Sandra on 027 712 1976 or email sandra.douglas@ergnz.co.nz

#17196 Export Coordinator
Over thirteen years working in export coordination mainly in China however the candidate has recent working experience gained in New Zealand.  Highly educated candidate who presents with a solid understanding on regulative requirements, INCO terms and documentation for export. The candidate was preparing export document in the latest role in New Zealand.  The candidate has mainly worked for exporting firms and is open to all industry sectors.  Proficient in letter of credits and feels his high level of detail is one of his strengths. 
Call Sandra on 027 712 1976 or email sandra.douglas@ergnz.co.nz

#17076 Import & Export Operations, Customer Service
Two years’ experience gained working in freight forwarding and express freight in New Zealand.  This candidate has worked in customs administration and import/export operations support.  Experience gained managing imports and export, data capture into EDI, managing workflow for import shipments including liaising with overseas agents and local branches and clients.  The candidate has further experience preparing customs documentation ensuring that the shipments meet all applicable laws to facilitate import and export.  Tracking duties and taxes payable and processing payments.  Apply for duty refunds, tariff classification, arranging transport. Great communication.
Call Sandra on 027 712 1976 or email sandra.douglas@ergnz.co.nz

#13834 Warehouse Administration, Despatch or Inventory
Excellent communication with a bubbly personality.  Experience gained working in large distribution warehouse environments (Fonterra/Frucor), SAP, excel and WMS systems.  Cycle counts, stock takes, investigation of stock variance reporting.  Creating load plans and run reports.  Coordinating exports and arranging daily transport loads. Experience gained in coordinating FCL’s and managing customer queries, costings, and previous exposure to administration accounts tasks including invoicing. Described as a hard worker who is eager to learn with a humble go with the flow manner. Passionate about health and safety.
Call Sandra on 027 712 1976 or email sandra.douglas@ergnz.co.nz

#16854 Business Development or Account Management
This candidate presents with over eight years’ experience within freight forwarding and holds a Diploma in Shipping & Freight.  Proven experience gained in various operational position including customer service, sales support, import & export operations and FAK consolidation.   The candidate is passionate about sales and did spend a short time focusing on sales whilst managing the operations for the business.  No issue with cold calls and was managing high volume cold calls in the last position.  With a friendly, outgoing personality together with the solid experience within freight forwarding this candidate, with the right training and support could be your next sales professional. Proficient in CRM modules and EDI.
Call Sandra on 027 712 1976 or email sandra.douglas@ergnz.co.nz

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