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Youth Employability Programme 

By Fiona Harland FRCSA Director ERG Recruitment
Employers report that young people are not work ready and many young people agree. How do we help our Youth regardless of whether they are in Education, Employment or Training? A new programme designed to address these issues is currently in its 3rd year as a pilot in several regions in New Zealand.
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Youth Jobs Charter

By Fiona Harland FRCSA Director ERG Recruitment Group
  • Auckland currently has around 34,000 young people who are not involved in education, employment or training.
  • Education attainment doesn’t necessarily translate into employable skills.
  • Employment is one of the most important ways for youth to engage in society.
    Be part of this conversation !....
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The Value of a Flexible Workforce

By John Harland FRCSA (Life) Director ERG Recruitment
A concept about which much has been written, Flexible Workforce has been around for a long time and in this context broadly refers to that group of workers described as casual workers, temporaries, contingent workers and contractors.
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Risks for SME Agency Owners

By John Harland FRCSA (Life) Director ERG Recruitment
Thoughts of a small On–hire and Recruitment Agency Owner Operator. I thought it may be of interest to share a few thoughts about running a boutique perm and labour hire business compared with being employed in a large International agency
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