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The Value of a Flexible workforce (Part 3)

By John Harland FRCSA (Life) Director ERG Recruitment

So what are the benefits of flexible workforce? 
I have extracted what I see as the key benefits from the plethora of articles available on the subject. 
Evidence would suggest that the flexible workforce is here to stay and will transcend any legislative endeavours to control or restrict its growth 

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The Value of a Flexible workforce - Part 2

By John Harland FRCSA (Life) Director ERG Recruitment

It was said during the last recession that “to harness the power of the flexible workforce, the Government must ask itself whether this powerful group is getting the support and recognition it needs to lead us out of the current economic messIt could be argued that the increase in self-employed workers (sic contractors) should be commensurate with a better understanding of the flexible workforce market.

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The Value of a Flexible Workforce - Part 1

By John Harland FRCSA (Life) Director ERG Recruitment
The Covid-19 Pandemic has thrown world-wide economies and businesses both large and small into chaos and most have experienced significant downturn in revenue and so I think it is timely to discuss a concept upon which much of the recruitment/labour hire industry is based. This is a short introduction to the concept and John will follow up shortly with further comment on the value of flexible workforce.
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The Cost of Recruiting Permanent Staff

Much will be said about unemployment levels and the number of people seeking work. Many of these people will be highly skilled so how does a business attract and engage and then retain these people. There will be the temptation of many to think that money can be saved by “doing it yourself” however I would like to challenge that supposition and provide you with a tool estimate the real cost of “doing it yourself”.

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