Things you need to do before you even send your application

  • Investigate the that when you are telephone screened you are able to WOW the employer with your knowledge and show that you are interested.
  • Read the advertisement properly – if it says to call to discuss then CALL. The benefit of this is that you get to build rapport with the employer or recruiter. If the advertisement says that you MUST have experience or a particular qualification and you don’t but are very keen on the role then you could call the recruiter or employer and ask how important it is.
  • Ensure that you have appropriate interview clothing (dress like you are ready to start work that day) even if you are going to an interview with a recruitment company you need to dress to impress. If you don’t have appropriate clothing call us and we can give you ideas on what to wear and where you can get it from.
  • ALWAYS write a cover letter that is tailored to the job Check, double check and triple check the PROOF READING  Ask a friend to look over it to be sure. Address the cover letter directly to the person indicated on the advertisement. If there is no name then Dear Sir/Madam is acceptable.
We can't stress to you how important all of these points are, without them you hinder your chances of being successful for the job.

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