Youth Jobs Charter Update


RCSA Youth Jobs Charter (YJC) is a grass-roots initiative which recognises that opening pathways to employment for youth occurs at a local level i.e. local jobs, local workers in local communities. 

YJC focuses on bringing together youth and recruiters and employers to discuss the World of Work and provide information and guidance about how youth can take positive steps to open more pathways to employment. 

As employment experts, the recruitment industry has a key role to play in addressing youth unemployment. 
Objectives of a Youth Jobs Forum:
  • Bring together stakeholders and the recruitment industry to increase opportunities for workforce participation by youth
  • Discuss the World of Work and provide information and resources about how youth can take positive steps to open pathways to employment
  • Open communications between the industry, stakeholders and partners.

First RCSA Youth Jobs Forums roll-out in Australia:
The first RCSA Youth Jobs Forums were attended by over 140 RCSA Youth Jobs Charter signatories, youth, careers advisors and industry partners in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne mid Feb 2015.
The forums discussed the challenges and opportunities for opening more pathways to employment for youth and identified a number of initiatives in which attendees will collaborate over the coming months. 

RCSA Youth Jobs Charter Lifts off in New Zealand:
The Youth Jobs Charter has lifted off in New Zealand with charter signatories joining careers advisors, schools, Auckland City Council, employers, government and education providers at a RCSA YJC Forum in Auckland Wed 25th Feb2015.

Following a wide ranging panel discussion, attendees then met in working groups to identify initiatives and opportunities to bring together their collective know-how and networks to assist more youth find a job in New Zealand.

Several initiatives were discussed and over the coming weeks YJC members will speak with youth at schools around Auckland, and host ‘work experiences’ that will bring youth into workplaces for first-hand experiences with employers and different workplaces. The working groups also identified the need for closer collaboration and sharing of resources and information between all participants across the employment pathway.

A number of meetings and discussions have been scheduled as a result of the forum and further updates will follow. 
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